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Residential Exterior Flooring

Garage floors are generally tough to keep clean and dry. Grease, oils, solvents or even wet spots from water makes working here less than perfect and ugly to look at. With the application of a high gloss 100% solid epoxy floor, the floor is now a safe non-skid surface, safe from petroleum products, solvents, acids and other household chemicals. We offer endless of options for your garage floor from luxury metallic epoxy to high end decorative flakes epoxy. With the flooring options we have to offer it will make your garage feel like a nice and comfortable additional living space.

Stamped concrete can make a powerful impression. There are many reasons why homeowners and businesses are choosing stamped concrete to enhance their landscapes and buildings. From a stone patio to a cobblestone driveway , the look of patterned concrete reflect any look perfectly it also bears the permanent durability of concrete. Stamped concrete can imitate floors such as slate, flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. The color and texture can also be changed to customer’s satisfaction to find that perfect finishing look. Stamped concrete is considered to be ideal for improving the surface of pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios and any other outdoor area that you may consider. Stamped concrete is also considerably lower than alternative materials such as pavers or natural stone. The installation is quicker and the final product is long- lasting. Design flexibility is one of the biggest reasons why stamped concrete is customers #1 Choice. Stamped concrete can be shaped, textured, and colored to achieve almost any look imaginable.